Toddler Curriculum

The classroom is designed for the children to explore and learn through hand-on activities and movement, allowing them to move easily from large muscle movement areas to fine motor exercises. There are plenty of hands-on experiences such as pouring, sweeping, dusting, buttoning, zipping, and counting out items for table setting.

Materials are arranged to allow the child to choose their activities and locate everything they need to complete it successfully, from serving their own snack to completing a painting.  The focus is to allow the child to be independently successful while learning and practicing skills that build gross and fine motor strength and coordination, foster language and cognitive development, and build focused concentration.  With the explosive growth in language, toddlers are curious about the name for everything and we spend a great deal of time conversing to build vocabulary and modeling how to communicate with others.  As part of a community, toddlers learn to ask for help, share things, wait their turn and to be considerate of others.

The morning schedule includes a snack, and a play period outdoors. The toddler does not need to be toilet trained prior to admission. Toilet training is an integral part of our Toddler program.

Curriculum Documents

For more detailed information on specific material and skills covered within the curriculum, please review the following Curriculum Overview or please call 773.714.0646 or email  for more information or to make an appointment.