Middle School (12 - 14 years)

“For success in life depends in every case on self-confidence and the knowledge of one’s own capacity and many-side powers of adaptation.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Overview of Middle School Program

Our goal is to provide an environment for adolescents that fosters self confidence, self knowledge, community identity, adaptability, academic competence and initiative, and a personal vision for the future. We believe that through such an environment adolescents can freely and honestly work to realize their potential as valued contributing members of society and work toward a peaceful and holistic world.

How it Works

A strong educational program acknowledges an adolescent’s increasing responsibilities as an individual learner as well as part of a learning community. Within a Montessori program, we continue to broaden students’ understanding of their impact as an individual and member of a group beyond their classroom to the local and global communities. Every person and element has a role in creating the solid educational program which prepares students for the challenges they will face in their future educational, work and life endeavors.

The adolescent is:

  • An active, engaged, and self -directed learner
  • A functional and contributing member of the class, school, city, and global community
  • A functional and contributing member of the principal-teacher-student-parent team
  • A responsible, independent individual, who honors commitments, possesses integrity, and is respectful

The teachers are:

  • Facilitators for learning
  • Consultants for students
  • Creators of a developmentally appropriate and challenging environment that meets the social, emotional and cognitive needs of the students
  • Communicators with parents and community
  • Role models

The school structure offers:

  • A learner centered environment
  • A developmentally responsive curriculum
  • A Montessori trained teacher with additional qualified adults as resources
  • Parent-teacher-student partnerships
  • Large blocks of uninterrupted learning time
  • Peer and cross-age teaching and experiences
  • Community partnerships to enhance and enrich learning

The curriculum and instruction includes:

  • Trans-disciplinary themes
  • Learning how to learn strategies
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Mastery learning, coaching and exploratory activities
  • Long-term independent and cooperative learning projects
  • Community building and social interaction with peers
  • Meaningful and challenging work
  • Activities for self-expression, self-knowledge, self-reflection, and self-assessment
  • A pedagogical approach that values all nine intelligences and a variety of learning styles
  • Activities that foster interdependence
  • Activities that support learning economic independence
  • School and community service projects
  • Off-site activities integrated with curriculum goals


“It was a privilege for me to be able to learn in a Montessori environment because I think it is an awesome way to learn. The Montessori curriculum includes so much more than math, language, and culture. It teaches you to be independent, brave, confident, a leader, a good listener, patient, and so much more.”

Anna Muiznieks, alum
Graduated Maine South High School, attended Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

“Brickton provides a nurturing Montessori environment. Our child was respected as an individual and as a contributing member to this community. We wholeheartedly believe in the Montessori philosophy and we wanted our child to guide her own learning experience within that philosophy. Brickton nurtures a sense of respect for community, responsibility within community, and leadership within community.”

Susan Czolgosz, mother of Alum Clare Czolgosz
Graduated Roycemore (High) School, attended University of Denver

To read more testimonials from students and families that have been part of the Brickton community, go to the Outcomes of our website.