Lulu Rodriguez (Nido Lead Teacher)

Brickton Montessori Staff (2021-PRESENT)

My name is Ludwicka Rodriguez, but everyone calls me Lulu. I’m from Puerto Rico, came to Illinois a little over seven years ago. I completed my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Puerto Rico. I’m a mother of two children, who attend Brickton Montessori. Ever since I came to Illinois I have being working with children ages 0-5 years old. I love to read children books and sing nursery rhymes, even sometimes made up my own songs. I enjoy see children grow in an environment full of love and care that promotes their independency. Having the opportunity to work at Brickton have been a blessing for me and my family. I see myself and my children forming part of Brickton community for a long time.

Jackie Toro (Young Toddler Directress)

Brickton Montessori Staff (1999-PRESENT)

Jackie Toro, the lead teacher for the Young Toddler (15-24 months) classroom, has been at Brickton since 1999. Jackie has completed her Montessori certification specifically for ages 0-3. Although she has an extensive background in early childhood education, and has served in various classrooms and as Brickton Montessori’s after school coordinator for many years, she has found an affinity for the infants and toddlers and decided to earn her certification for these youngest students. She understands Brickton’s systems and the children love her calm and peaceful demeanor.