The beauty of Montessori is that it is meant for every child. As a Montessori student, your child will have the opportunity to develop the intellectual foundation and emotional confidence that will serve as secure stepping stones as he or she travels the path to becoming an adult.

Montessori educators equate success to helping children become self-confident, emotionally secure global citizens who can competently and confidently address social or economic issues while achieving their life’s goals. As a result of the Montessori approach to education, Montessori students are prepared not only for testing academic knowledge, but for life.


I was amazed with how the rhythm of Montessori worked. That each child could be absorbed in a different work at the same time. That the educators could teach the students how to handle conflict resolution and that bullying didn’t happen. I loved how they turned my son’s struggles into strengths and taught my new reader word sounds. I loved their promotion of peace and global awareness. – Donna M., parent of Brickton graduate

“Brickton was home away from home for our son. We left him there every school day morning knowing he is surrounded by teachers and staff that genuinely cared for him. Empathy, acceptance, love for learning are qualities Brickton has instilled in him that he will carry for the rest of his life.Shilpa K., former Brickton parent

Montessori was the absolute best tool for developing my independence in personal management. The personal management skills I have today in college are surely attributable to Brickton’s philosophy and approach to education. Further, my ability to approach practical situations with creativity has helped me throughout my high school and college careers. The social intimacy provided at Brickton has also been extremely useful in my social life, even today. I am able to connect more authentically with others than I have seen with my peers. The quality of social interaction at Brickton is definitely representative of the argument “quality over quantity”. – Baito S. – Brickton graduate


Over the years, parents and alumni have shared their impressions of the education received at Brickton Montessori and their preparation for the next steps in development. These testimonials are the embodiment of what we strive to encourage and support in our student body and see as the values of our school. We also have a portrait of our graduate that help to guide curriculum and development. This portrait is the culmination of our student development overview charts that articulate cognitive, social, and emotional benchmarks across program levels.

Portrait of a Graduate

The 3 C’s of the Brickton graduate: Competence, Confidence, and Community


  • Learning – Brickton graduates understand how learning is intrinsic to purposeful work and a meaningful life. They recognize how learning paves the way toward accomplishing goals and how it can open up possibilities of endeavors.
  • Problem Solving – Brickton graduates appreciate the process of inquiry:  how to begin with a question; research and analyze information relevant to the question; and how to use their imagination and creativity to enhance their understanding of essential   concepts and ideas to explore solutions.
  • Decision Making – Brickton graduates recognize the value of good decision making and the importance of applying their knowledge toward making and owning an appropriate course of action.  


  • Self Advocacy – Brickton graduates understand how to self-assess towards recognizing their individual needs and how to express those needs in a respectful and proactive manner.
  • ResilienceBrickton graduates appreciate the importance of an optimistic outlook on life and a sense of humor as intrinsic to success and moving forward.  They recognize how they can control how they respond to various situations, enabling them to assert a positive attitude in the face of adversity.
  • Courage – Brickton graduates respect the value of taking risks to challenge themselves to accomplish difficult tasks, to think in new and different ways, and to stand up for their beliefs and ideas.


  • InterdependenceBrickton graduates understand their connectedness to others and the world around them and the value of connectedness towards ensuring progress and a good life for all. They recognize how to adapt to fit in and be a part of the whole.
  • CompassionBrickton graduates work to build relationships with others of their own and diverse cultures with understanding and respect as key to a foundation of peace.
  • CollaborationBrickton graduates possess an understanding of how to come together with one another to work toward realizing common goals.  They appreciate synergy and how collective and varying strengths can strengthen and heighten achieving goals.


Graduate Stories

“At a very young age I learned about time management and how to create my own work schedule. This has helped to make juggling a job, heavy course loads and athletics possible in college. Thanks to Brickton I am the opposite of a procrastinator. I like to think that my Montessori education has made me a problem solver and a critical thinker who exhausts every option possible. The skills I acquired at Brickton, like collaborating with peers, have continued to be an asset to me throughout high school and especially in college group projects. The learning environment fostered respect, inclusion and a safe place to grow that gave me confidence in my own intelligence and has continued to help my confidence in my education as a student and capabilities as a person.”

Aleksandra S., alum
Graduated Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center  and attended Carthage College in WI, studying Occupational Therapy

“Thank you for all your inspiration throughout the years. From Children’s House to my Masters degree, Montessori has always been an inspiration in my life to seek out the truth and learn more. I will always look to Brickton as my foundation that made my future possible.”

Lillian C, alum
Graduated from Fremd High School, attended University of Washington Master’s program in Environmental Science

Parent Stories

“My boys Frankie and Emmett transitioned to a public middle school after being at Brickton for 6 years.  Academically they are doing well especially in Math and Science.  When they do struggle with a subject they are able to ask for the help they need.  That’s the magic of Brickton, they are educated in a way that they learn all the information other schools teach but they are also taught to care about learning, to care about people and to care about our world.” ~ Kristin M., mother of alums

“When Kindergarteners keep journals and are taught to manage their time and assignments, you may rest assured that your child will become a responsible, organized student of life. Brickton prepared Aleksandra to transition to public schools with a solid educational foundation, a strong sense of self, and the passion to learn, learn, learn. What a gift!” ~ Diane S., mother of alum Aleksandra S.

“We knew very little about Montessori when we first looked at Brickton for our eldest child. We visited the school and fell in love – it just felt right. We knew we wanted something different for our son, something that would honor his curiosity and rambunctious three year-old nature and we found it at Brickton. Free to be yourself and educators who meet your child where they are, not the other way around. Self motivation is the driving force and learning is owned by the child. We gave both of our children the best possible start to their educational journey when we chose Brickton.” ~ Molly A., parent of alums