Our Head of School

Erica Lane, Head of School, Brickton Montessori School

Erica Lane, Head of School, has been serving  Brickton Montessori School for over two decades. She has dedicated the majority of her career at Brickton Montessori to teaching Lower Elementary and leading the Upper Elementary program, as well as  serving as the Educational Director of Brickton Montessori School, during which time she took Montessori Administrator training at Seton Montessori Institute.  In addition to being a long-time Montessori teacher, Erica was a Montessori student as a child on the south side of Chicago.

Erica has served as a Montessori Coach for Drummond Montessori School in Chicago Public Schools. Throughout her career, she has led teacher workshops at AMS (American Montessori Society) and AIMS (Association of Illinois Montessori Schools) as well as parent education nights on Montessori curriculum, social/emotional development, executive functioning, and classroom management around learning differences. Erica holds a Professional Educator License (PEL) for Kindergarten through grade 9 and is Montessori-credentialed by the American Montessori Society for Elementary I, Elementary II and Administrator. She currently serves on the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools Board as Membership Coordinator.