Board of Directors

Brickton Montessori School’s Board of Directors has three main roles:

  • Fiduciary: Oversight and assessment of Brickton’s mission and finances
  • Strategic: Focus on a two to five-year planning window
  • Generative: Develop and share a vision for the future of Brickton Montessori

Brickton‘s Head of School and administrative staff lead the day-to-day operations of the school. The Board is not involved in decisions regarding student admission, curriculum development or faculty and staff hiring or evaluation.

How is Brickton’s Board organized?

Brickton’s Board is composed of an executive committee, as well as five committees aligned to oversee the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. The board also appoints ad hoc task forces, as needed, to address topics such as strategic planning and technology.

The full Board meets at least five times during each school year. Typically, committees meet monthly. Their agenda is set by our strategic plan, direction from the Executive Committee, and emerging needs of the school. The committees make recommendations for consideration by the entire board. All policy decisions and major expenditures are discussed and voted on by the entire board. All meetings of the full board are open to any members of the community. Please check the family calendar and the Brickton Weekly for meeting dates and times if you would like to attend.

The Board is always looking for dedicated parent volunteers to serve on board committees. Many of our current members were elected as directors after volunteering on these committees. Please contact Margaret Titley, Board President at , if you are interested in serving. Typical board volunteer positions have a tenure of three years.

Brickton Montessori School’s Board

Executive Committee

  • President: Margaret Titley
  • Vice President: Rebecca Leslie
  • Secretary: Jen Cozad
  • Treasurer: Brian Leong
  • Head of School: Erica Lane


  • Jessica Haycraft
  • Warren Lapham
  • Oriana Oshana
  • Lori Pistol
  • Daria Plamada
  • Joanna Quargnali-Linsley