“I like the sense of small community my child gets from attending Brickton Montessori School.”

Lynn Weddle, parent of an alumnus


Brickton Montessori School: A community of confident, compassionate, competent learners. Brickton Bold.


Brickton Montessori School follows the time-tested, evidence-based Montessori approach to education, honoring the child as a whole, fostering a global mindset through peace education, with a commitment to educational leadership and institutional longevity.


We believe that each child is unique and endowed with great potential. We believe in nurturing the heart of the child and challenging the intellect. We believe in an individualized Montessori curriculum designed to meet the needs of each child and promote self-motivation. We believe that the community of the child, parent, and educator is the foundation of the school’s success.

“Everyone cares for each other here. You can feel it when you step foot inside a classroom. You see students working together, helping each other, sometimes goofing off, but getting things done. I learned so much at Brickton, not just academics. I learned about friendship, hardships, overcoming obstacles, respect, and independence. Without me knowing it, Brickton was subtly and gradually preparing me for the rest of my life.”

Claire McDonald, Brickton Montessori Alum